School Climbing Walls

Climbing is the fastest growing sport in the nation. Children are often natural climbers, so it's great to get them started early to develop good technique.

What place does a climbing wall have in a school gym? Climbing is a great alternative to traditional sports and has a high appeal to children. It is is also an individual sport, with each person challenged only by themself and the climbing wall. Success can be measured and controlled by setting attainable goals. We have helped many P.E. teachers in the Spokane area build self esteem, confidence and physical strength in the children they instruct.

What is a Traverse Wall?

A Traverse Wall is a climbing wall that runs horizontally rather than vertically. The length of the wall is determined by available space, budget, and necessity. Our custom built walls typically measure 50 feet long and 8 feet high. Each wall includes padding that exceeds safety standards. The color(s) of the wall is completely customizable. Also, each wall includeds a custom package of climbing holds to design routes that provide optimum success for every child.

Success for every child

The traverse wall provides an opportunity for P.E. programs and kids to diversify their activities. Furthermore, the activities meet many of the Essential Academic Learning Requirements set forth by individual school districts, such as developing fundamental and complex movement skills, reducing health risks and using social skills to promote health and safety. These requirements are a small piece to the benefits of having a traverse wall in your school. 


Because of the wall is only 8 feet, height is not a factor. The student can make the entire traverse just a few inches off few feet off the ground. There also is a 3 to 4 foot high line for beginners. Tumbling mats will also line the floor beneath the entire length of the traversing wall. When not in use the mats will be secured to the wall to prevent climbing and protect others from impacting the wall. The sensation of risk taking is still present for the kids but the injury factor has been greatly reduced significantly.

How do we use the wall?

The activities, games and exercises that the children participate in can be as specific and controlled as you desire. We will gladly train your employees in proper use of the wall and share tips from our past experience. Many of the movements in climbing are natural and instinctive and require minimal instruction, allowing children to work outside their own comfort zone in a safe atmosphere. 

Wild Walls will work with your goals to create and  personally install your climbing wall. Timon Behan, owner, has been a leader in the climbing industry for over 12 years. Wild Walls Climbing Gym is a world-class facility that has served over 70,000 customers in nine years. For quotes and further information please feel free to contact Timon Behan and staff at Wild Walls in Spokane, WA.