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Our goal at Wild Walls is to offer a controlled and enjoyable environment for anyone to experience all that indoor climbing has to offer. Our expert staff are always ready to answer your questions and help climbers of any skill level improve their climbing! Our gym offers top roping, four auto belays, lead climbing and two bouldering areas. For those interested in getting started top roping, we offer our Vertical Introduction Class where you will be instructed by one of our professional staff who will guide you through learning the knots, commands and proper belay technique needed to top rope safely. The package also includes a week long trial membership to allow beginners the whole experience of being a member at Wild Walls. We strive to maintain a low student to teacher ratio in all of our classes to provide as much personal instruction as possible.

We provide all the rental equipment needed during the class, including shoes, harnesses and belay equipment. We even offer children sizes, so they too can get the full climbing experience!

Climbing allows you to challenge yourself to whatever extent you feel comfortable. Climb as high as you want and then come down when you are ready. The only requirement is the desire to try something new!

What do I need to get started?

As a first time climber at our facility, you will either need to have previous belaying experience and pass a belay test, or sign-up for our Vertical Introduction Class to tope rope. The class is only one session and is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-8pm, and Saturday from 2pm-4pm. Register here!

What are my options if I don’t want to take a class?
Bouldering is a different style of climbing, involving climbing lower to the ground over foam padding system. It is an excellent way for beginners to try out climbing. There is no class required to boulder, giving you the freedom to come alone or with a group any time we are open! We also offer four auto belay devices, which clip to your harness and automatically catch and lower you to the ground. No prior knowledge necessary.

Can I do it?

Probably. Almost anybody can climb. If you can climb a ladder, then you can climb our wall!

What if I fall?

When properly roped into your harness and in good communication with your belayer, you will not hit the ground! To get a good understanding of how to fall safely while bouldering, check out this great video!

Is it expensive?

Indoor climbing is not expensive. You can purchase all the gear you’ll need for years of indoor climbing for under $200. Check out our membership prices and you’ll see they are very competitive with other types of exercise facilities. We also have a variety of discounts to help you out! As with any sport, the more involved you get, the more you can spend, but the initial investment in climbing relatively low.

Is it safe?

At Wild Walls we do everything we can to minimize the risks involved in climbing. It is important to understand that climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. Our expert staff will teach you all the latest in indoor climbing safety standards to ensure your time spent climbing is as safe as possible.

What if I am afraid of heights?

It’s perfectly natural to be afraid of heights. You are in complete control of how high you climb and when you come down. Our staff will explain how to lower down the wall before you even start climbing and we will gladly assist you to the ground if needed. Repeatedly facing your fear of heights is the most effective way of conquering it!


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Saturday: 9am-7pm
Sunday: 10am-7pm

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